Our mission is to help designers grow.

Most companies don't have the time to invest in new designers. LA DIA prides itself in providing a safe environment for early career and transitioning professionals to flex their skills and develop their portfolio by pairing them with senior coaches.

Since the beginning, LA DIA promotes apprenticeship and pair design through teaming up an experienced UX strategist with a less experienced designer. Anyone can apply to be an apprentice at LA DIA. In fact, everyone on the team is assumed to be an apprentice because we believe that everyone is constantly learning and developing their skills.


Unfortunately, LA DIA does not offer paid apprenticeships, unless it is with a paying client or project at which 10% of the project proceeds go towards LA DIA and the rest is split amongst the project team.

Selection Criteria

Anyone who has some understanding of UX foundational skills and have some transferable skills in research, design, and or development.

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Get in touch if you want to develop your skills in tech. We are constantly looking for social impact projects where the team can get experience working in a team and get ahead in the field.

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