We design for impact by focusing on research.

We help companies and nonprofits figure out their information and website needs by focusing on good user experience starting with research, strategy, structure, and design.

We provide creative and practical solutions for your short-term or long-term goals.
Design Research

Create a deeper understanding

  • Understanding users needs and behavior
  • Generative research
  • User interviews
  • Persona creation
  • Usability tests
  • Customer journey mapping
Information Architecture

Understand how people think about things

  • Concept modeling
  • Site structure
  • User flows
  • Experience maps
  • Taxonomy design
Content Strategy

Plan and manage content intentionally

  • Make design and content choices that everyone and anyone can find, understand, and engage with.
  • Benchmark your content against competitors and best practices.
  • Understand user needs to inform your content strategy.
  • Create a content guide to align tone and voice.
Interaction Design

Bring the strategy and design to life through prototypes

  • Create design systems and style guides
  • Define how people use a product/service
  • Design system feedback and response
  • Facilitate user workflows
  • Develop interactive prototypes
Event Design & Production

Community building through event design

  • San Gabriel Valley UX meetup 2019-present
  • UX of Dim Sum workshops
  • World IA Day Los Angeles 2020
  • World IA Day San Gabriel Valley 2019
  • UX Research Nights 2019

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Get in touch if you want to develop your skills in tech. We are constantly looking for social impact projects where the team can get experience working in a team and get ahead in the field.

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